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The Online Route Planner for South America is a navigational tool for those, who prefer to travel off the beaten tracks - no matter if you travel by car, camp mobile, motor bike or even mountain bike. Off Road enthusiasts of rough and adventurous tracks, nestled in magnificent landscapes, will get a feeling of the magics and the overwhelming beauty of the Andes.
The tracks cover the whole Andean region from Peru to Tierra de Fuego. They guide you through endless vastness, deserts and huge salt plains of the Altiplano and Patagonia. Most of these unsealed tracks take you to very remote areas with supreme nature and full of scenic highlights.
The Online Planner contains more than 200 routes, which cover almost 20 000 Kilometers. Just a mouse-click makes you display the GPS-Data of choosen tracks in Google Maps®. You also can download complete track-sets and the total length of each track is displayed.
"What does it look like in this area"? About 2000 potos will give you an idea of landscapes and nature in vicinity of the tracks. Such a preview makes it easier for you to decide, which area you want to give the preference to explore. May be you just want to dream a little and make these pictures carry you away to unique sceneries of South America. Enjoy and have fun!
Off-Road in the Andes

Routes & tracks
The choice of routes puts its focus on scenically attractive areas and raises no claim to completeness. All tracks are public and are accessible over streets or unpaved roads of customary maps and electronic navigation devices. Itineraries on asphalt are not in the foreground, only in case of necessary approaches or unavoidable sections, or if a very nice track got asphalted in the meantime, such as the Argentinian side of the Paso San Francisco or extensive parts of the Carretera Austral in Chile.

The Altiplano region of the High-Andes is one of the extreme areas of this earth, Tibet in parts comparably. The demands for vehicle, equipment, people and their health are very extreme. The distances between well supplied urban centres and the complete and unattended isolation are often deceptively short.

Climate zones
The Andes region between Peru and Tierra de Fuego extends over different climate zones, with in each case own summer / winter or wet / dry rhythm. During the so-called "Bolivian Winter " of the Andes region of Peru, Bolivia and North Chile violent rain falls from January / February to March / April and the rivers become tearing. The best season for a visit is April / October, the coldest period is during May / June (-15 ° to -20°C in height situations of 4500 m). The climate intervals seem in southern South America, particularly Tierra de Fuego and in the area of the Carretera Austral, late on an average about from 4 to 6 weeks.

Off-Road driving
TrackAndin routes are no cross-country tracks! On the contrary: Just one lane, branching off from the track in a desert environment remains visible for decades! To lay new tracks here, amounts to the inexcusable destruction of landscape and nature. Sustainable "Off-road Driving" sticks to established and clearly defined tracks.

Waypoints and GPS data offer useful information, but are no travel insurance and any performance guarantee and possibly can create a security illusion. In spite of easy accessibility of geo data of extreme regions be aware of your responsibility to carry out crossings of desert-like areas with circumspection, ability and empathy. Your adventure also means: get ready for all sorts of unusual risks.

Vehicle base
A specially developed 4x4 Camper van of 3.5 tonnes of total weight with raised ground clearance was the base for exploration of all tracks. The camper could handle extreme weather (-30 degrees) and self-support (3-4 weeks). 140 litres of tank capacity in two switchable tanks allowed in the High Andes of the Altiplano (4000-5000 m) a reach of 500 km.

Vehicle weight
The lighter the better! If small bridges and similar structures will be reliable is always unclear. Apart from risks for your own security, avoid taking vehicles of more than 4 tonnes in rainy periods to soaked or flooded tracks. Such tracks are sustainably destroyed by lanes you produce and keep deep ruts in the dry season. While 4x4 tourists proudly enjoy at home the images of extreme tours, frustrated residents have to struggle along badly destroyed access tracks to their homes.

Vehicle capabilities
The "ideal expedition vehicle" does not exist. At best, it is a compromise, which suits the nature of the driving area and its special requirements. Though heavy 4x4 trucks may look beefy, but for the demands of everyday travel, they are certainly a number too large. Many tracks remain closed for camper vans with luxury amenities, low ground clearance and usually twin tires on standard rims. Frustrations and real damages are often the result, if such vehicle types are still "thrashed". A vehicle with less than four tonnes of total weight, single tyres, raised ground clearance and four-wheel drive does the job for 90% of the routes.

Driving style
When speaking of the "magic of the Andes", the driving style should also fit to the surroundings. Slow driving is sustainable and protects the environment, vehicle and tracks. In addition, pedestrians, cyclists and animals are less bothered or bombarded by flying stones. Let the Rally lighting switched off: night driving except in an emergency.

Expect oncoming traffic of heavily loaded trucks and buses at any time, even on single lane tracks or steep mountain roads. Whereas in remote areas you may meet one vehicle per month, or none. In such wonderful solitude a satellite phone could strengthen your sense of security.

Four-wheel drive
A 4x4 wheel drive takes experience, cautious use and often serves only to overcome short problem areas such as sandy patches, drifts, washouts and marshy places. Despite a 4x4 drive, reversing might be the wiser solution. One with full throttle really dug in 4x4 vehicle could sit very deep in the mess. It is now, that intuitive improvisation enters the game.

Track conditions
Wether tracks, washboard surfaces or gravel and dirt roads, all are difficult to estimate, because their real driving condition totally depends on quick weather changes. The decisive factor is the rain situation. The rainy season, including the weeks of the transition period, are critical because tracks, river banks and slope shoulders, anyway never stabilized, turn soft and muddy. Unexpected obstacles can emerge at any time: deep washouts of the last rainy season, slippage of rock and scree, or the course of the track is hidden or  gone all together. Behind each and every curve your adventure can take quick turns as well.

Deep sand
Long deep sand stretches are rare on the routes and should be avoided or bypassed. Unless you carry in addition to ample experience and the necessary equipment: sand ladders, shovel and gloves, compressor, high-lift etc. and a lot of tenacious patience.

The water level in rivers and ford crossings seasonally fluctuate greatly. Many waters in Bolivia and other parts of the Altiplano and the High Andes at night are usually frozen and with the warming up of the day start to flow again, accompanied by rapidly rising levels. Some soft-muddy passages in bogs and marshes are more accessible in frozen state.

Detours can always be enforced by force majeure. Perhaps a bridge disappeared during the last rainy season, or a slid road may force detours of many hundreds of kilometers. Or strikes and blockades, Ecuador and Bolivia are notorious, prescribe mandatory brakes which sometimes take long time to end!

Tracks in Argentina

North Argentina
Nueva Pirquitas - Lagunillas - Laguna Vilama
Laguna Pululos - Granada-2
RN 9 (Tumbaya) - Susques - Paso de Jama
RN40 -Mina Aguilar - Tres Cruzes RN40
Olacapato - Coranzuli - Mina Pirquitas
Orosmayo - L. Blanca - Timon Cruz - La Quiaca

North-West Argentina
Andalgala - Mina Capillitas
Mina Capillitas - Rta40
Andalgala - Aconquija
Aconquija - Conception
Eje (RN40) - Campamiento
Campamiento - El Peñon
El Peñon - Antofagasta de la Sierra
Cachi - Los Molinos - Salta
Pocitos - Sa. Rosa Pastos Grandes
Sa. Rosa P. Grandes - S. Antonio los Cobres
Viaducto Polvinilla
Fiambala - Cortadera
Cortadera - La Gruta (Paso San Francisco)
Pocitos - Tolar Grande
Tolar Grande - Caipe - Mina Casualidad
Antofagasta de la Sierra - Salar Hombre Muerto
Salar Hombre Muerto - Pocitos
Termas Fiambala

Central-West Argentina
Barreal - Las Hornillas
Calingasta - Las Flores
Carlos Paz - Los Gigantes - Tala Cañada - Chepés
Las Flores - Paso Aguas Negras (Argentinien)
Mendoza - Uspallata
San Carlos Sierra - Capilla del Monte
Vichina - Laguna Brava - Paso Pircas Negras
Villa Union - RN40 - Nonogasta
Andacollo - El Huecu - Lago Agrio - Laguna Hualcupén
Andacollo - Laguna Epulaufquen
Buta Ranquil - La Cortadera - El Nihuil - San Rafael
Las Ovejas - Aguas Calientes
Side Track Pichi Neuquen
Side Track Los Tachos
Pareditas - El Sosneado
Side Track Laguna Diamante
Sosneado - Valle Sosneado
In Chile: La Mina - Paso Pehuenche
RN40 - Paso Pehuenche (Argentinien)
Side Track Terma Cajon Grande
Las Loicas - Paso Planchon (Argentinien)
El Manzano - RP221 - Ranquil Norte
Barrancas - Laguna Tromén - Chos Malal

South-West Argentina
Junin de los Andes - Lago Huechulafquen
Rahué - Lago Quillén
Aluminé - Lago Rucachoroi
Pino Hachado - Lago Aluminé
Side Track Meseta Lonco Luan
Junin de los Andes - Paso Tromén (Argentinien)
San Martin de los Andes - La Angostura
RN258 - Lago Steffen
Parque Nacional Tronador - Mirador
Lago Hess - Roca

Parque Nacional Los Alerces
RP25 - Piedra Parada - RN40 (Esquel)
Carretera Austral - Paso Lago Verde (Chile)
Corcovado - Lago Vintter
Side Track Lago Guacho
Alto Rio Senguerr - Lago Fontana Nord - Lago La Plata
Alto Rio Senguerr - Lago Fontana Süd
Lago Vintter - Hito Chile/AR - RP40
Jaccobachi - Gastre - Gan Gan - RN25 (Rawson/Trevelín)
Pampa Agnia - RN25 & RP13 - Paso del Sapo
Sarmiento - Casa Vieja - Paso de Indio
Tres Lagos - Lago San Martin
RP25 - Ex Comissaria - Pico Truncado
RN40 - PN Perito Moreno
Side Track Estancia La Oriental
Side Track Peninsula
Side Track Lago Volcán
Side Track Lago Burmeister
Lago Posadas - Bajo Caracoles
La Aguada - Lago Pueyrredon & Lago Posadas
Side Track Lago Pueyrredon - Rio Oro
Los Antiguos - Paso Roballo (Argentinien)
Bajo Caracoles - Paso Roballo
Side Track Estancia Bellavista
Paso Lago Verde (AR) - Lago Vintter
Paso del Sapo - RP13 & RP4 - Rio Chico
Rio Chico - RP4 - El Maitén
Alto Rio Senguerr - Laguna Blanca
Tracks in Bolivia

South-West Bolivia
Llica - Pisiga Bolivar
Sabaya - Chachacomani
La Paz - Pocoata - Coroico
Coroico - La Paz (old track direct)
Panduro (PanAm) - Turco
Turco - Sajama
Va. Loza (PanAm) - Sapahaqui - Villa Remedios
Side Track Termas Urmiri
Parque Nacional Sajama
Side Track Geysere
Side Track Terma
Side Track Vicuñas

South Bolivia
Quetena Grande - Laguna Colorada
Laguna Hedionda - Villa Alota
Villa Alota - San Juan
Laguna Verde - Laguna Colorada
Laguna Colorada - Laguna Hedionda
Lag. Hedionda - San Juan/Salar Uyuni
Side Track Cerro Volcan
Nuevo Mundo - Laguna Celeste
Side Track Pueblo Fantasma
Side Track Laguna Corania
Side Track Laguna Celeste
San Pablo - San Antoniode Lipez
San Anatonio de Lipez - Laguna Morijon
Laguna Morijon - Quetana Chico
Quetana Chico - Laguna Verde

South-East Bolivia
Uyuni - Atocha
Atocha - Tupiza
Huari - Uyuni
Tupiza - San Vicente
San Vicenten - San Pablo
Tupiza - Vitichi
Vitichi - Chaqui
Uyuni - Tica Tica
Tica Tica - Potosi
Villazon - Valle Rico
Valle Rico - Cañon Viluyo
Villazon - Tupiza
Tarabuco - Padilla
Padilla - Pucara
Pucara - Valle Grande
Villamontes -Tarija
Tarija - Villazon

Bolivia vicinity of Salar Uyuni
Llica - Isla Incahuasi - Uyuni
San Juan/Salar Uyuni - Isla Co. Negro
Isla Co. Negro - Llica
Side Track Hoyada Ulo
San Juan - Isla Incahuasi
Isla Incahuasi - Sinalacu
Sinalacu - Salar Empexa
Side Track Canquella - Llica (Salar)
Tracks in Chile

North Chile
PanAmericana - Rio Camarones
Rio Camarones - Pachica - Codpa
Laguna Chungará - Salar de Surire
Side Track Guillatire - Japu - Uncalliri
Side Track Grenze Chile/Bolivien HitoXX
Kreuzung - Cosapilla - Colpitas
Putre - Parinacota - Laguna Chungará
Parinacota - Guallatiri
Salar Surire - Kreuzung Terma Parajalla
Kreuzung Terma Parajalla - Colchane
Side Track Portezuelo de Huinchuta
Codpa - Parcohallya - Salar Suriri
Putre - Taapacá - Colpitas - Parinacota
Zapahuira - Belén - Ticnamar - Timar - Codpa
Parinacota - Portezuelo - Zapahuira

Central-North Chile
Chiu Chiu - Tatio - San Pedro de Atacama
Side Track Baño de Turi
Lirima - Mina Collahuasi - Ollagüe
Ollagüe - Ascotan
Ascotan - Chiu Chiu
Pachica - Lirima
Paposo - Observatorium Paranal
PanAmericana - Salar Pajonales
Salar Pajonales (turn off) - Mina Escondida
Abzweig - Plato de Sopa - Salar Pajonales
Toconao (Atacama) - Huayticina - Paso Sico
Paso Sico - Lagunas - Peine
Peine (Salar de Atacama) - Abzweig Socómpa
Abzw. Socómpa - Pan de Azucar - Mina Escondida
Abzweig Socómpa - Paso Socómpa (CL)
Paso Jama (AR) - San Pedro Atacama
PanAm - Paposo - Caleta Cobres - Taltal
Copiapó - La Guardia - Paso Pircas Negras
La Guardia - Ronda
El Salvador - Customs house Paso San Francisco
Abzweig (Paso San Francisco) - Lag. Negro Francisco - Mina Maricunga - La Guardia (turn off Pircas Negras)

South-West Chile
Curacautin - Parque Nac. Conguillo - Melipeuco
Curarrahue - Reigolil
Reigolil - Lago Caburga
Lago Caburga - Lago Colico
Side Track Terma Rio Blanco
Icalma - Lonquimay
Melipeuco - Icalma
Paso Tromén (CL) - Curarrahue
Lonquimay - Volcán Lonquimay
Side Track Troyo
Side Track Laguna Blanca

South Chile
Paso Roballo (CL) - Carretera Austral
Cochrané - Puerto Tranquilo
Puerto Tranquilo - Villa Cerro Castilio
Villa Cerro Castilio - Coyhaique
Cochrane - Pto Yungay
Side Track San Lorenzo
Tracks in Peru

North Peru
Bagua Grande - Chachapoyo
Chachapoyo - Leymebamba
Side Track Kardija
Side Track Kuelap
Leymebamba - Balsas (Rio Marañon)
Balsas - Cajamarca
Olmos - Bagua Grande

Central-North Peru
Carhuaz - Charas
San Luis - Yungay
Huánuco - La Union
La Union - Cátac

Central-South Peru
Abancay - Andahuaylas
Andahuaylas - Chincheros
Chincheros - Ayacucho
Side Track Lago Pacucha
Ayacucho - Santa Ines
Santa Ines - Huancavelica
Side Track Pass 5056
Paracas - Park - Laguna Grande
Laguna Grande - Pozo Santo (PanAmericana)
Side Track Whale bay (Playa Carhua)

South Peru
Chivay - Pampa Cañahuas
Pampa Cañahuas - Arequipa
Chivay - Colca Canyon
Orcopampa - Caylloma
Caylloma - Chivay
PanAmericana - Vivaco
Vivaco - Orcopampa
Tacna - Tarata
Tarata - Paso Livini - Mazo Cruz
Tracks in Tierra de Fuego

Tierra de Fuego Chile & Argentina
RN3 - Cabo San Pablo
RN3 - Canal Beagle
Ea. Harberton - Ea. Moat
Rio Grande - Lago Blanco (Chile)
Lago Blanco - Lago Deseado
Lago Blanco - Cameron
Cameron - Cerro Sombrero